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Phone apps

There are some free smart phone screen live wallpapers and a phone apps for the horology enthusiast. Most of these versions are free. There are paid versions that provide more features. I am not endorsing any of these apps or wallpapers and I have not tested them. They appear to be from a reliable source as they are directly from the Google Play Store and iTunes websites. I am only providing useful information that may be of interest to you. The iPhone app below does not have a free version. The links below will take you to the apps and live wallpapers. Some offer a video that demonstrate the app in action. You can read about them and decide if it is for you.

Clicking on the pictures below which will take you to the Google Play Store to view these applications.


Pendulum Clock LWP


Watch Gears Live Free Wallpaper


Brass Gears Clock


The app above uses the phone microphone to capture the audible ticks of the clocks escapement and pendulum. It determines the beats per minute and the rate of error in seconds per day fast or slow. This one is not free. It will cost you $9.99

ClockMaster Clock Time Regulation


This one is very elegant. It has very a fluid movement. The link to this app will provide a demonstration video show the operation of this phone app.

Gold Clock Live


Pocket Watch 3D

The above pocket watch app is a 3D application which moves in a fluid fashion on the surface   of your phone. Clicking on the link will take you to the application site that has a video showing   the application in action.

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