PROFESSIONAL advanced clock repair



Course 3 in the series.  Professional level clock repair.  

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Also known as PRO advanced clock repair

The information contained in this program is essential for all clock repair enthusiasts.  None of the information contained in this course is repeated from any previous course.  This program contains 4 hours of detailed DVD and video instruction with an accompanying 36 page instructional repair manual.  

Here are just some of the questions we will examine and find answers:

1.  I have a broken mainspring.  Is there a way to repair it?

2.  How long should the pendulum be for this clock?

3.  Is there more than one way to regulate a clock?

4.  My clock strike a few minutes late.  How do I adjust it?

5.  How can I maximize the performance and accuracy of my movement?

6.  The hands on my clock are hard to move.  I am afraid I might bend or break the hands.  How can the hands move more freely?

7.  I found the right mainspring, but it is a hole end type.  I need a loop end.  What do I do?

8.  My clock has a broken arbor.  Can it be repaired?

9.  Can you explain pendulum theory?

10. What is burnishing and how is it done?

11.  I don’t wind the strike side of my clock because it won’t stop striking.  How can I fix it?

12. How do I calculate the beats per hour for my clock?

13. I can’t find a replacement mainspring form my clock.  What do I do?

14. How can I fix some bent teeth on the escape wheel?

15. My pendulum wobbles?  Why does it do that, and how can I fix it?

16. The clock strikes correctly on the hour but is off by a few minutes on the half hour strike.  How do I fix it?

17. I bought a Time Trax clock analyzer, but I can’t find my clock movement listed in the table of clock train tables.  How do I find the settings for my clock.

18.  I bought a clock from the internet and after it arrived, I discovered that the pendulum parts are missing.  How do I replace them?

19. My 8 day clock runs for 2 days and it stops.  What could be wrong and how can I fix it?

20. The crutch is loose where it connects to the verge.  How do I tighten it?    

   Many more topics and answers are contained in this DVD/video course.

No more confusing and hard to understand books and manuals.  See and understand with close up shots of actual repairs.

This clock repair course consists of 2 volumes for a total of 4 DVD discs playable worldwide.  The detailed 36 page repair manual follows the sequence of the DVD or video program and includes additional repair information, pictures, illustrations, and tips.  A 3 page master tool lists is also provided that gives the name, make, model, model number, price, and sources of purchase.  The price is $99.95 U. S.  Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world via United States Postal Service.

PROFESSIONAL advanced clock repair video preview.

Music playing on the video preview is for preview only, not on the actual DVD video.

 aaaHalf Dead Beat jpeg

Examining a half dead beat escapement.

(actual frame from video)